Dori’s World: Keri Glassman’s Slim Calm Sexy Diet

Check out Keri Glassman’s amazing new nutrition book, Slim Calm Sexy Diet.

We have all had ’em. Those days where just no matter what you put on, how many lists you attempt to make or how many cups of tea you brew, you just feel, well, fat, frazzled, and frumpy. In my new book, Slim Calm Sexy Diet, you will likely lose up to 5 pounds in the first three days on the Slim Calm Sexy cleanse. (And, that is just the beginning of ridding you of those fat, frazzled and frumpy days…) You won’t feel hungry or deprived because you’ll be eating generous portions of some of the most nutritious foods on Earth that also have the power to trim your waistline and soothe away stress. This cleanse involves food, I promise!

Next, you’ll move on to the 6 week plan where every single meal will include a food that’s specifically slimming. But, what’s more is you will learn how to eat empowered. No more “mental food fights” that cause your stress hormones to go haywire. Each day, you’ll eat three meals, two snacks and a bonus Happy Hour snack, because in my world, hunger is the total opposite of calm. In fact, stress busting is a main mission of the Slim Calm Sexy Diet. You will learn the importance of reducing stress, how to do this and I’ve also loaded the menu with all kinds of little powerhouse foods that in their own right are stress relieving.

On the Slim Calm Sexy Diet, you’ll turn crazy-busy and crazy-hungry into calm, confident, satisfied and of course sexy!!!

-Kerri Glassman

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