Turntables Make a Comeback with the AMG Viella 12

Forget about Ipods, Idocks, Iwhatevers.  The coolest sound system hitting the market this spring takes a nod from the retro and chic: the German based AMG Viella 12 Turntable. The turntable has an art deco modern feel to it with smooth corners and a shiny mahogany base complimented with a midnight black top.

The turntables are a perfect addition to a cocktail party or for any lover of good music looking for that old school feel and sound.  So grab your Grateful Dead Hartford ’77 vinyl and jam out with the Viella 12.

Designed by Werner Roeschlau, his sons and a slew of expertly trained mechanics in their factory in Bavaria with the finest local materials, including aircraft grade aluminum.  It sounds like they could be creating a robot capable of self-consciousness instead of a turntable.  Thankfully no robots were made, just the best sounding and best looking turntable you can find this year.

Source: Selectism