Haute Author: Kelly Florio Kasouf Talks Sophie’s Next Adventure

A Vogue alum, The vivacious Kasouf is the author of last fall’s much buzzed about The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City. She is also sort of fashion publishing royalty. The daughter of the late great Conde Nast executive, Steve Florio, Kelly merely became a product of her environment, which isn’t too shabby—not by a long shot. Her childhood consisted of trips to her dad’s office and visiting the pretty-accurately described closets, newsrooms, and New York City famed faces that Conde houses at its iconic 4 Times Square home—it was magical.

Many of us, fashionistas both old and young, came to know and love Sophie in the first installment of what Kelly hinted as a trilogy of her adventures. A twofold, the book served as a memoriam to her father and a reference to her colorful past. Kasouf wrote Sophie as a curious and well-dressed little girl that floor-hopped her way into different and vibrantly hued worlds within the publishing house.

It’s should come as no surprise that Sophie will be back pretty soon with a new adventure. After rave reviews from Manhattan’s fashion society including her Conde family and icons like Andrew Leon Talley and “fairy godfather” Isaac Mizhrahi, Kelly has got more than just a second book up her sleeve.

While Olivia may have traveled to Venice and Eloise has seen the ins and out of The Plaza, it’s safe to say that neither of them have traveled back in time. Well, Sophie obviously has the upper hand in that category. One evening, during the unveiling of Grand Central Station’s newly renovated ceiling, Sophie has a run-in with an adorable little boy named Henry after she finds his lost comic book. Henry, like many men before him, wants to show the pretty girl a good time.

Little does Sophie know, Henry is from somewhere special—the past. He takes her on a whirlwind to the 1920s, where she gets a little more than a different skyline. She trades her wardrobe of Miu Miu and McQueen, for a new look. Sophie comes face to face with Elsa Schiaparelli and even befriends Marguerite Pietro, the daughter of Jeanne Lanvin and muse to her brand.

Also on her journey is a stop at The Cotton Club, a meet and greet with fabulous Josephine Baker, seeing Christian Dior long enough to inspire the iconic “J’Adore Dior” phrase, and assists her great-great-grandmother at Ellis Island during her immigration.

Sophie sure knows how to have a good escapade—or does Kelly? This book is inspired by actually attending that same Grand Central station event and having a run-in with the charming JFK Jr., and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A super sentimental charm necklace of Kasouf’s grandmother and the obvious allure of that sensational era play a role in Sophie’s newest venture.

In keeping with the genius Judit Garcia-Talavera and her watercolor illustrations, this book is sure to be as statement-worthy as its predecessor. With Kasouf pulling the strings on the curious little girl and her future—we’re in good hands. Stay tuned to Holiday 2012 for its release, because it’s going to get good—really good.