Top 5 Italian Restaurants in New York City

In the melting pot that is New York, foods from far reaches of the world are represented in numbers greater than that of any other city. We don’t just have Italian in NYC; we have Roman, Neopolitan, Milanese, Sicilian, Classic Italian, Modern Italian, Italian fusion, and, we most certainly have plenty of pizza. The expertise of the chefs and restaurateurs putting out said Italian spreads are second to none–many beckoning from the very locale of their dishes, others appearing in pop-culture as part of the new wave of “celebrity chef”.

To boot (no pun intended), choosing the best Italian in a city that might just have more Italian restaurants than most Italian cities, is simply not an easy task. But when the competition is fierce, being named the best of the best is that much more coveted and so the locales crowned the hautest are really that good. We’ve taken the work out of the task and simply put forth 5 Italian restaurants in which you can no go wrong–be it a business meal, a celebratory gathering, a date to impress, or, perhaps, just a really strong pasta craving.

Buon appetito!