Haute Time: El Primero Flyback Stratos Survives the Pole2Pole Adventure with Johan Ernst Nilson

The Pole2Pole voyage, headed by environmentalist explorer Johan Ernst Nilson, begun in April 2011, has just reached the South Pole after 10 months in extremely tricky conditions and crossing some of the world’s most hostile regions. His journey almost came to an early end after an accident on the icecap: diagnosis, cracked ribs. It would take more than that to stop this dedicated adventurer.

Johan E. Nilson experienced severe conditions and impressive temperature fluctuations. Freezing cold in the Far North and Antarctica, then extremely high temperatures over 50 ° C in the Mexican desert, where he was taken back by heat stroke. Then came the extreme humidity of the Mexican jungle, where it was so humid it felt he was swimming through swamps. Johan E. Nilson has dedicated his feat to the planet Earth. This expedition will also serve to educate the public and authorities about global warming.