The Great Escape: Sibarth Villa Rentals

WHEN BROOK AND ROGER LACOUR met in St. Barts in 1974, they were just another love struck couple. Five days later, they would be sure of one thing – they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together, both in life and in business.

The couple embarked upon their first entrepreneurial venture, an insurance company, in 1974. Just one year later, they opened La Calèche, a tourism office/boutique that sold beachwear, supplies and offered up invaluable advice on rentals on the idyllic island of St. Barts. Visitors to the Lacour’s semi-tourism office soon would be pulled back to the island, this time, to rent a villa through the couple.

These were the humble beginnings of what is now known as Sibarth Villa Rentals, an agency that is one of the most respected luxury villa rental and real estate branches in the world.

 The seafront breeze dances through the open-air rooms in the two-story villas, giving the guests a kiss of paradise.

Today, Sibarth Villa Rentals manages more than 200 properties on St. Barts, hosting upwards of 10,000 guests annually. High-quality customer service has become the company’s trademark, as the company offers each guest luxe amenities such as a concierge service, guaranteed restaurant reservations, spa treatments and provision deliveries.

“What makes Sibarth stand out from the competition is all the services we give to our clients,” said Sibarth’s Marketing and Sales Director Anne Dentel. “We have a meet and greet, an airport bus [that picks up] our clients. We take care of their luggage; we organize any prior requests they have, such as shopping ahead of their arrival, babysitters, yoga what ever they want to do, we can arrange it. We really pamper our clients.”

In addition to the amenities, the villas’ contemporary designs blend seamlessly with the landscape of the island. The seafront breeze dances through the open-air rooms in the two-story villas, giving the guests a kiss of paradise.

And when it comes to the top-of-the-line villas, no detail was spared.

“They are made out of very luxurious materials,” Dentel said. “Every detail is so perfectly applied to the villas to make the client comfortable. The club, the pools, the air conditioning, the WiFi, everything is perfect.”

A perfect example of such perfection is the Villa Sil, located in the private complex of Domaine du Levant in Petit Cul de Sac, St. Barthelemy. This villa is one of Sibarth’s top villas for rent. For a cool $10,000 a night, guests can take in the architectural beauty of the villa, which blends traditional Caribbean with oriental and contemporary influences. Guests can luxuriate in the breathtaking infinity pool, which appears to drop into the crystal waters of the ocean below. The beauty of the inside rivals that of the out, as the villa boasts artwork from the legendary Andy Warhol, as well as modern conveniences such as satellite cable, fitness equipment and a maid service.

For those who wish to extend their vacations a bit longer, Sibarth also offers real estate properties for sale. Similarly to villas for rent, Sibarth Real Estate’s villas for sale have breathtaking views as well as modern luxuries. Villas for sale range in price from $875,000 to more than $10 million.

Villa ABV is a perfect example of the high-end properties Sibarth currently has for sale. The five-bedroom, $19 million property boasts a beachfront location on the Lorient Bay. This indoor-outdoor villa offers views of the ocean and neighboring islands. Surrounded by Royal Palm Trees, the sun deck boasts a pool and quick beach access. The interior isn’t short on space, wither, with two separate dining rooms and an indoor-outdoor living space.

Regardless of renting or buying a property on St. Barts, Sibarth offers the best of both worlds, as well as some of the world’s most pristine waterfront properties. But it’s not just the exquisite beauty of the villas that draw visitors. St. Barts has been a favorite escape amongst the jet set for years, and it’s easy to see why.

“A lot of people fall in love with the island,” Dentel said. I’ve known people who have been coming to the island for 25 years. The repeat business is very strong. People love our white sandy beaches, clear waters, nice temperature, great restaurants and great shopping.” Sounds like paradise to us.