The Possible Return Of The De Tomaso Mangusta

Photo: JamesList

De Tomaso is the Italian supercar marque built by the Argentinian Alejandro de Tomaso in 1959 in Modena. Between 1966 and 1971, only 400 De Tomaso Mangustas were built, but after, the company focused more on its ownership of Maserati and Moto Guzzi until it went belly up in 2004.

There’s been recent talk of reviving the De Tomaso brand under new owner Gian Mario Rossignolo, and designer Maxime de Keiser has devised what a new Mangusta may look like.

It appears to be a modified Lamborghini at first glance, but then you realize that Mangustas were contemporary with cars like Urraco that helped to define the Lamborghini’s style.

Source: JamesList