Mega-Yachts You Can Charter

Photo: Bornrich

In an economy where real estate continues to plummet further and further, it seems as if yachts remain a staple in luxurious leisure for the ultra rich and famous. They remain a primary indulgence for the rich and famous, but in ultimate money-making style, the business-savvy owners of these floating mansions found a way to profit off their prized possessions when they themselves aren’t using them—by renting them out for sky-high prices, of course.

Kjell Inge Rokke, the CEO of Aker Solutions ASA, is renting out his 230-foot Reverie for a $720,000 a week. It can accomodate 24 people. a 28-member crew and includes a stone-lined pizza parlor, a beauty salon, conference room, gym, helipad, spa and open-air bar. The master suite  comes equipped with a private deck and terrace, and the interior design features mahogany, walnut wood and marble all over the walls and floors. It was designed by famed English architect John Munford.

Photo: Bornrich

Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, who recently announced his candidature for the Russian presidency, is renting out his yacht, Solemar, for $325,000 a week. The owner of the New Jersey Nets is the third richest man in Russia, and it’s evident from the luxury embodied in his 202-foot vessel built by Amels based in the Netherlands. It has seven state rooms, not including the master suite, high-end gadgetry including satellite telephone and fax, swimming pool and extensive entertainment system.

Source: Bornrich