Haute Culture: Grimanesa Amorós Opens “Uros” Installation at Issey Miyake TriBeCa

Peruvian artist Grimanesa Amorós recently hosted a congregation of contempos to view her latest art installation, Uros, at Tribeca Issey Miyake. The lighting sculpture is inspired by the Uros Islands off the coast of Puno, Peru, which are floating islets made of totora reeds grown in Lake Titicaca. The pre-Incan Uros, who live on these 42 self-fashioned floating islands, build everything out of this material — from houses to boats to watch towers. Amorós created Uros to reflect the natural elegance of sea foam and totora reeds.


As guests browsed the complete roster of Issey Miyake collections, with glasses of wine, the installation wowed with its impressive evolving lighting display that transformed the space with a rainbow of mesmerizing colors. The sculpture measures roughly 15 x 9 feet and is composed of diffusion material and vinyl. Uros‘ LEDs are controlled by programmable lighting software. The sculpture is positioned towards the main entrance of the exclusive boutique and illuminates the massive glass display windows. The globe-like shapes appear to hauntingly bubble from the flooring — as if topographic maps adorned with abstract patterns…

Amorós’ Uros is a awesome addition to the already stunning Frank Gehry-designed Issey Miyake flagship, now in its tenth year. The TriBeCa boutique is located at 119 Hudson Street at North Moore, New York City.