New Years Eve With Diesel’s Rosso Brothers At The Red Room Party

Ocean Drive’s Pelican Hotel, owned by Italian fashion giant Diesel, is hosting the internationally acclaimed Red Room Party of Beijing, Milano, New York City and Moscow, known for its lavish theme and celebrity-filled guest list Saturday December 31st, 2011 starting with dinner at 8pm.

The Rosso brothers, Andre and Stefano, sons of Diesel’s Renzo Rosso, along with professionals from the fashion and entertainment world, created the concept of the Red Room party first as a hobby, which evolved into global lifestyle events throughout 2011 and leaving a mark on the world’s most fashionable cities. For New Year’s Eve 2011/2012, Miami is the next city to host the Red Room Party at the Pelican Hotel.

Kicking off the evening with a six-course dinner designed by resident Executive Chef Andrea Fadda, the Red Room Party will be center stage, literally, on Ocean Drive, taking over the street in front of the Pelican Hotel with a red carpeted stage surrounded by luscious red curtains as to create an intimate ambiance in the heart of South Beach and a premium location for viewing the fireworks. Pelican’s resident DJs and international visiting DJs will play an array of music straight from the nights of Ibiza and Milan throughout the night. Main sponsor Peroni, is giving away tokens for a free sample and is setting up a photo shoot inside the hotel lobby where guests can part take and share pictures with friends and family around the world.

With only 180 reservations available, The Pelican Hotel’s Red Room Party will be the exclusive destination for the international movers-and-shakers of the fashion world making it our Haute pick for New Year’s Eve.

For reservations email or call 305-673-3373 Pelican Hotel, 826 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach Fl 33139

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