Tommy Hilfiger Raises Autism Awareness

One child, in every one hundred and ten, has been diagnosed with a form of Autism. Autism is a series of developmental disorders that range from both social and behavioral challenges. Autism Speaks, the world’s largest Autism science and advocacy organization, has spent over $160 million dollars on research and development, and will continue their mission to raise Autism awareness through a partnership with The Advertising Council, BBDO and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Autism Speaks announced today that they will be collaborating with The Advertising Council to create public service announcements (created by BBDO) that highlight Tommy Hilfiger’s life, the challenges he has overcome and the success he has achieved.

“I am proud and honored to partner with Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to the research and family support needed to treat and prevent autism,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “My family has been affected by autism, so I understand the challenges many families face today. I hope that in working with Autism Speaks, I am able to let other families know that they are not alone and that there is hope.”