Have you ever been blindfolded? Experience the nuances of your other senses dictating what you are enjoying without seeing.  Chef Adrianne Calvo, an innovative Miami-based culinary artist whose rise to fame has been accomplished through bold concepts and exquisite cuisines, asks you to TASTE, FEEL, HEAR and SMELL as she continues her highly-regarded Dark Dining series Tuesday and Wednesday, October 18 & 19 at 7:30pm.

Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar, the enclave that has become an epicenter of gastronomic creativity in the highly competitive South Florida restaurant scene, will serve as the host location for this sensual dining adventure. This highly regarded culinary gem tucked away from all the vapid South Beach scene, brings to mind Napa Valley and is emphasized by the Northern Californian décor and menu inspirations for the evening.

Step away from the norm and try a completely new way to dine that will heighten you senses, develop your taste buds and aide you to participate in uninhibited conversation with your date. You will be surprised at what happens when you know no one is watching.

The concept of “Dark Dining,” which enjoyed significant popularity throughout Europe for several years before its introduction in various major cities throughout the United States, has been defined as “a sensory overload encounter that maximizes the art of flavor by suppressing vision, and therefore creates the ultimate in dining experience.” The concept was introduced on a wide scale in the Zurich, Switzerland-based eatery Blindekuh in 1999, which was owned by blind clergyman Jorge Spielmann. European cities such as Paris, Cologne, Berlin, and Hamburg eventually followed suit and now boast numerous restaurants that feature this extraordinary dining alternative.

The Dark Dining format, which entails that participants dine blindfolded in a particularly dimly-lit setting throughout a multiple-course meal, has proven to be an ideal platform for the work of a chef that is already renowned for her ability to pleasantly surprise her guests and their palates on a regular basis with dishes that feature a succulent, and often unprecedented, combination of flavors. With their sight temporarily unavailable, Dark Dining guests at Chef Adrianne’s are able to hone all of their other senses in on their meals, considerably enhancing their level of enjoyment.

Don’t miss this Haute dinning experience, Chef Adrianne’s is located at 11510 SW 147 Avenue Miami, Fl 33196 for reservations  call (305)408-8386 or (305)408-8388.

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