Saks Event For The New Kleier Novel, Hot Property

Last night Saks hosted a party in celebration of the new novel Hot Property, written by Michele, Samantha, and Sabrina Kleier – stars of the HGTV reality show Selling New York. The Kleiers, led by their mother Michele, are one of the most powerful real estate families in New York City. This fictional novel about the real estate world in Manhattan is based on the Kleier women themselves, their lives, clients and experiences in brokering.

The event proved to be a huge success, with lots of guests, cocktails and shoes. The venue for this event was the Saks shoe department and guests who purchased two or more pairs of shoes were gifted a special signed copy of the novel.

Check out Haute Living’s exclusive interview with Michele Kleier, Samantha Kleier-Forbes and Sabrina Kleier-Morgenstern:

Q: Did you guys enjoy the writing process and how did that go?

A: We felt like we were back in college working together. In an ideal world we would have taken off and gone somewhere quiet but in reality we had our families and careers to take care of, so we wrote in between everything. We often started writing at 10:30 at night and were staying up until 2:30 in the morning.

Q: How much of the book’s scandalous details are based on real people or events?

A: A lot of the family is based on us. The clients are mostly composites and events are altered and not exact. The only real names we mentioned are friendly shout-outs but we would never tag a real name onto a negative character or situation.

Q: Were any of you nervous about being on a reality TV show?

A: We Initially said no to being on the TV show but they continued to pursue us and it is a family company and we shot a very straightforward and professional pilot. We have our day jobs and we love what we do and that will never change but the show is a lot of fun.HGTV is extremely straightforward and respectable and they don’t follow you home. No client is on the show that doesn’t want to be on the show. All clients and apartments have agreed they want to be on it. And, we have a crew that is amazing. We trust these people and we trust this network.

Q: How do I separate your voices and give credit for each of these statements?

A: We are one voice.

Q: What’s each one of your favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan?

A: Carnegie hill where we all grew up. We love our neighborhood shops, bookstores, the local market for cheese and meat, we love it all. It’s a very old world up there and we feel like we live in a small town. Everybody knows us, even the delivery man from the market. It’s magical.

Q: Who has been one of your favorite high-profile clients?

A: We can’t talk about any of our Wall Street clients, although we have many favorites. Naming names is hard, which is why we didn’t use many real names in the book. We’ve worked with lots of celebrities, I (Michele) loved working with John Travolta years ago, but I don’t think I could pick a favorite.

Q: What kinds of future projects can we expect from you guys? Another book maybe?

A: Nothing we’re ready to announce yet but we are working on something. Possibly on some sort of a product launch. We’re looking to bring the book to a screen level. Possibly television. Maybe we’ll work on a Non fiction book, but one that’s fun.

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