Rebecca Taylor Spring 2012 Collection At New York Fashion Week

Comfortable and flirty, Rebecca Taylor’s spring collection started with a mix of nudes and blushes splashed with citrus pops on flowy frocks, slouchy sweaters and asymmetrical cuts. Inspired by her favorite artworks from the Louve, Tayor added a little edge and elegance with glittery sequin dresses and crop tops.

The collection also featured a number of sheer dresses, tapered pants and handkerchief skirts. Later in the show, Taylor brought out a little bad girl boho style with some darker looks- shimmering gunmetal, pewter and black lace all without looking too hard or losing its femininity. A gorgeous sky-like textile anchored the collection which moved beautifully on the chiffon dresses and swaying skirts. The most stand-out outfit was a perfectly polished backless silk dress in retro florals. While the print was on a few different looks, it sort of seemed to seems to come out of nowhere and not really in cohesion with the rest of the collection, but it was used so well it didn’t really matter

Photos: Alessandro Viero /