Launch of The New ICON Bronco

Famed luxury company ICON has just released the brand new Bronco; a luxury vehicle inspired by the classic 1966 – 1977 Ford Bronco. The Ford Motor Company along with Nike has given enough support and sponsorship to this project to grant lead designed Jonathan Ward with as much creative freedom as possible. Ward teamed up with distinguished Ford Designer Camilo Pardo to take this project the extra mile. Aside from its stock body, the design itself remains true to the original Bronco in many ways but with many new and exciting details.

Some of the new details include an updated dash with a single-gauge monocle, a modern in-dash HVAC system by Vintage Air (designers of the Ford GT HVAC system), keyless ignition, tilt-column, bucket seats with carbon fiber heat elements, innovative Chilewich textiles, sound proofing, architectural tinted glass, laser cut stainless steel doors, and LED lighting throughout the interior and exterior.

The pre-sale of the new ICON Bronco prototypes has already started, the first of which are scheduled for showing this fall at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Also, ICON will be offering a limited edition numbered and signed series of ten ICON Broncos the event. Calling all car enthusiasts and connoisseurs, this is the car to watch out for this season.