5 Questions with our Specialist: Audrey Ross

1.  What makes Coral Gables special?
Coral Gables is dubbed, “The City Beautiful” and it is certainly that for many, many reasons!
From  the clean,  manicured, winding and tree-lined streets  to the flowing fountains, the city is gracious and welcoming.  It has also been known as the number one city in America which has the highest number of households headed by someone under 40 and earning more than a million dollars a year.  Thus, the city is vibrant, young and full of zest!  In addition to being within 15 minutes of the Miami International Airport, Coral Gables also  has representation by  more than 500 multinationals , making it an ideal place for international business.  Further,  Coral Gables has the distinction of being home to the top  luxury residential area in Greater Miami, along with being “home base” to the well known and highly distinguished University of Miami.

2.  What is your top 3 restaurants to try in Coral Gables?
There are so many ways in which this city of 50,000 is special, it is difficult to enumerate them all.  One has to experience Coral Gables to really appreciate living there.

3.  If money was no concern, what is your favorite property for sale today?
There is a long list of good restaurants in Coral Gables, but four of the top are : Caffe Abbracci, Ruth Cris Steak House, Pascal’s on Ponce and Route 9.

4.  If I was going to stay in Coral Gables, where would you recommend to stay?
Hard to say, there are too many to pick just one. It would totally depend upon a number of criteria.
The Biltmore is one of the most interesting and  beautiful  places  to stay in Coral Gables.

5.  Do you use a Blackberry or Iphone?
I use an iPhone, ( and have my very own personal app, easily and freely acquired in the Apple itunes store.  Key word search is ‘audrey  ross’)

Audrey Ross is our exclusive realtor for the Coral Gables, Miami Market. Check out her online profile on the Haute Living Real Estate Network.