Miami, NYC, San Fran are the Top Three U.S. E-Commerce Cities

With online marketplaces and shops so convenient and comprehensive, it’s easy to believe that U.S. web sales had increased by 12.6 percent in 2010 compared to 2009. With more people hitting their laptops than the mall at this rate, e-commerce is set to be soaring by 2015, according to independent research company Forrester Research. Bundle recently compiled a list of the cities that shop the most online and, despite fabulous shopping in these cities, the top three were Miami, New York, and San Francisco, in that order.

Miami was at the top of the list for e-shoppers, spending an incredible 5.6 times more than the national average on online shopping. As far as transactions go, Miami-ans complete five times more than the rest of that nation with 55 percent of residents accessing the Internet. With the sales tax at 6%, Miami has 19 major distribution centers to leading online retailes, such as

Following closely in second place is New York, NY. Even though the Big City is renowned as one of the world’s premier shopping destinations, which is also a huge tourism draw, the average New Yorker spends 3.5 times more than the rest of the nation online with 3.67 times the amount of transactions. Like Miami, New York has 55 percent of its residents accessing the Internet and, with a sales tax rate of 4%, has 13 major distribution centers to top online retailers.

In third place on the list is San Francisco – another destination with no lack of great retailers. San Fran residents spend 2.64 times more online than the rest of the nation and beats out Miami and New York with 62 percent of residents accessing the Internet. Their sales tax rate currently is 7.25% – which was dropped 1% from 2010 this July – and they have a whopping 29 major distribution centers from top online retailers.

Other cities to make the list in lower spots seem to be less metropolitan hubs, such as St. Louis, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Orlando. To see the entire list, click here.