First Semi-Submerged Hotel on the UAE Horizon

Welcome to the future of hospitality. At first glance it appears to be a collection of small alien pods dotting a large host mother-station. From an aerial perspective the community resembles an amphibious creature creeping its way into sea  Either way, the new project designed for the UAE by the Giancarlo Zema Design Group is the first ever semi-submerged hotel appositely called Amphibious 1000 and located off the shores of Qatar.

The plans for the hotel are comprised of both land and sea structures all situated in a semi-circle around a central public recreation pod offering exhibition galleries, perimeter aquariums, an interactive museum, and a long glass tunnel leading to an underwater playground at the center of the park. A terrestrial flight-tower-looking structure overlooks the entire environmentally-friendly property and houses a restaurant with sweeping panoramic views.

Four large semi-submerged hotels offer 75 suites in addition to eighty floating suites, called Jellyfish, which boast expansive circular balconies and underwater views within the artificial reef.  Travel throughout the marine park is made possible with hydrogen-propelled aluminum boats and land-faring electric vehicles.

A press release has yet to be issued in regards to a set date for the opening of this sure-to-be popular destination.

Source: [Inhabit]