Haute Time: “Entourage” Loves Audemars Piguet…

If you’re not familiar with Ari Gold, the super-agent on HBO’s Entourage, I encourage you to check out this series. Not only is a great show, but is also a great showcase for awesome timepieces!!!

Entourage revolves around Vincent Chase, a young actor whose career is on the rise. Vince rolls with his entourage, comprised of best Eric, Drama and Turtle, his childhood buddies from Queens. Jeremy Piven (“Old School,” “The Larry Sanders Show”) plays Ari, Vince’s aggressive, high-powered agent, who clashes with Eric over his client’s decisions. The role has led to several nominations and Emmy Awards for Piven. Ari is allegedly based on a real-life Hollywood agent, Ari Emanuel.

Not only does Ari have a strong influence over Vince’s career but he also seems to have quite the sway over the horological stylings of the group. Ari frequently sports Rolex and Audemars Piguet and of lately, has influenced Eric, Vince’s buddy and manager, to rock an AP himself. Check the photos in this post (courtesy of HBO) as well as an earlier post about “what’s on Ari’s wrist”… As you can tell, Ari really has gotten Eric to buy into the allure of Audemars Piguet…

Jason Williams is an independent behind the thesogolonmovement.com. The site was launched to catalog and share what he considers to be the coolest, downtempo timepieces ever brought to market.

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