Q & A: Exclusive Interview with O.C. Native, Designer of Lady Lux Swimwear

Being surrounded by the beautiful beaches and sunny skies in O.C. lends itself to be the perfect backdrop for swimwear designer and Newport Beach local, Christina Hanna. Her collection of sexy-yet-practical swimwear (appropriately called Lady Lux Swimwear), has the right balance of feminine flair, attention to detail, and glamorous cuts, which is hard to come by.

If you’re a pool person like I am, then a Lady Lux bikini is a must-have along with a great pair of sunglasses and poolside cocktail. My favorite from her current collection is the “heartless swimsuit” (pictured above) which features a bandeau style top held up with a necklace of black stones on a lavish gold chain and a wonderful low-rise style bikini bottom. Whether you’ll be wearing this at a local O.C. beach, the French Riviera, or your backyard pool, it’s going to give you the that extra feeling of “fabulousness.” For me it’s enough reason to bare (almost) all, and be brave enough to wear a bikini.

I recently got the chance to speak with Christina about her swimwear collection.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: Three years and many more to go! I cannot believe it’s been this long already. It feels like just yesterday since I started my company. I guess time does really fly by when your having fun!

Q: How did you get started designing swimwear?
A: I initially started designing swimsuits for myself since I couldn’t find any suits that properly fit my body type and at the same time also featured that perfect balance of “Luxe” that I was looking for. When I first started designing, I remember thinking to myself, ‘It can’t be that hard to design a swimsuit. After all it’s just a small amount of fabric to work with.’ Well, as it turns out, it was very difficult because there is so much more involved in this process than most people ever realize.

Q: How does your collection differ from the many brands out there?
A: I always design with the women in mind that will be wearing my swimsuits, as I never forget my responsibility to all my faithful and growing clientele to create pieces that actually work. In turn, they trust me to deliver a suit that they can feel comfortable and confident wearing, which is crucial.

Q: Where is your favorite beach in O.C.?
A: Little Corona Del Mar Beach in Corona Del Mar. It such a beautiful little beach that has a spectacular view with its unique layout of rocks, sandy beach and tide pools. It’s a perfect place to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon with friends and sunbath in my Lady Lux swimsuit.

Q: First swimwear memory?
A: My first memory of swimsuit was when I was 6 years old on my dad’s sailboat; I still laugh as I look back at the pictures now. I remember I was wearing a red white and blue one piece. Like everything else, the evolution of a bikini has come a very long way since it’s introduction in 1946.

Q: Do you offer tops and bottoms in different sizes?
A: Absolutely! All of my collections are offered in separate size tops and bottoms to help ensure a perfectly flawless fit for all Lady Lux sun bathing beauties.

Q: What swimwear looks are hot this summer?
A: This coming summer it’s all about standing out and with bold rich solids, prints, bandeau cut tops and tons of Jewelry. There is nothing like jet-setting off to a warm island for a sweet getaway in what is trending to be “Hot for Summer” and you can get the look with the latest styles from the Lady Lux 2011 collection.

For more information please visit www.LadyLuxSwimwear.com.

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