Haute Time: Patek Philippe Debuts New Styles at Baselworld

Some of the newest watches from Patek Philippe were released recently at Baselworld providing people with a glimpse of the sleek and sophisticated 2011 collection that reiterates the glamour and substance they are famous for. Every one of Patek Philippe’s watches are designed to encompass high tech details while still maintaining a classical look. Unlike your everyday watches, they do so much more than just tell the time; they tell the day, month, and even moon phases, with a built-in perpetual calendar and a self-winding caliber that also accounts for leap years.

Every detail is taken into consideration when designing watches as intricate as these. Each watch is tested thoroughly before it even leaves the manufacturer, where it runs for 1200 hours to check for everything from its rate accuracy and power reserve to its water resistance and the final look of it. Only after it passes the grueling tests, does it make its way out to the public.

Aside from their flawless interiors that are constructed to be essentially self sufficient, each watch is like a piece of art that serves as an impressive decoration for your wrist. With platinum faces studded with gold detailing, diamond accents, and soft, hand-stitched alligator bands, Patek Philippe’s watches can all manage to make a powerful statement while still maintaining a timeless look that is stylish enough to be passed down through generations.

Prices and delivery have yet to be announced for the newest watches, as they were just released at Baselworld this week.