Haute Spot: Beautiful You Electrotherapy Rejuventation Salon

Electrotherapy has been utilized by estheticians for decades to increase product penetration, relieve congestion, and improve germicidal action. All living cells use a positive and negative current to communicate; ss we age, this charge weakens and slows down our cell regeneration process, which means that its slowly stops keeping up with the havoc of stress, poor diet and environmental damage and wrinkles begin to appear. Estheticians turned to electricity as their weapon of mass destruction in the war against aging.

Electrotherapy was popularized by Tracie Martyn and remains the number one treatment in her Fifth Avenue Manhattan salon. Her world-renown resulting facial promises to get rid of droopy necklines, puffy eyes and create more defined cheekbones through the use of a trademarked machine called the “resculptor”. We know it works because her celebrity client list can’t stop gushing about it. Madonna, Brad Pitt and Kate Winslet all stop by every single time they are in New York and it’s a must before any red carpet event.

As women shy away from Botox and look for more natural ways of  ”freezing” time, more electricity-assisted treatments have begun to emerge. Here on the West Coast, in beautiful Montecito, Beautiful You owner Melanie Simon has been treating patients with low current electrical treatments for the past six years. She uses high tech medical devices to tighten, plump and thicken the skin. During a typical session, clients can be hooked up to 5 different machines. One of them is a Nano Perfector machine that replicates the brain’s electric current during deep sleep and activates the restful wavelengths of your body, which prolong the skin’s natural repair mode for up to 72 hours. Another machine stimulates lymphatic drainage and another one contract the facial muscles. After one treatment, clients report looking 5 years younger and for a week or more the skin appears firmer and tighter.

If her facials are inaccessible to you, Melanie recommends using her Circ Cell Rem Masque serum, which combines powerful anti aging ingredients that combat acne, pigmentation and loss of elasticity. The product, when applied to your face, generates a gentle electrical nano and pico current to stimulate your skin and increase delivery of 50 active ingredients which nourish the skin and tell the fiber blasts to produce more collagen. With a little electricity and patience you see results within 2 months!

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