Haute Event: A Tasting at The Setai With Clovis Taittinger

South Beach is usually known for its vibrant and exciting night-life, the hottest clubs and the most beautiful people. On any given night you will find groups of people celebrating a myriad of different special occasions, accomplishments, anniversary dates and the common denominator in all these celebrations is always champagne. A celebration is never complete without hearing the unique popping of a cork from a champagne bottle. It lifts our spirits just by hearing it and puts a smile on our face when we drink it and Taittinger Champagne has been there celebrating with us since 1734.

Haute Living was recently invited to a unique tasting experience at the Setai with Mr. Clovis Taittinger of the legendary Taittinger family. We began our evening in the caveau of the Setai, surrounded by some of the most coveted bottles in the city, sipping on a flute filled with our introductory bottle of Taittinger champagne and conversing with Clovis Taittinger. As the evening progresses we moved to the alluring setting of the Setai’s seasonal tapas-style restaurant “The Grill”, where we experienced phenomenal gourmet pairings from around the world and some of the finer vintages Taittinger Champagne has to offer.

At first glance you wouldn’t take much notice of Clovis Taittinger. He fits in very indiscrimately with the rest of the gentlemen in suits in upscale lobby or restaurant but once he begins to talk he stands alone. His very unique French accent catches your attention and behind his thinly framed glasses you notice he has a lot to convey. As he begins to explain some of his family’s history with vineyards and wine making you soon realize, you are in the company of some of the most down to earth French aristocracy, sharing stories of his grandfather trying to convince the Germans to preserve the vineyards and the champagne. “We want our champagne to be living, vibrant and loving, just as life should be. Some of our vintages we refer to as a running wine, not lean, not to fast, not to acidic but being around the wines every day, you always pick a favorite and enjoy it like waking up with your baby.”

We also chose our favorite champagne of the evening to be the “Comtes de Chamagne Blanc de Blancs 2000” for its full body, floral aromas, being properly blended and aged for 11 years, definitely a mature champagne that made this a Haute tasting not to be missed.

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