YSL’s Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

After a rock and baroque themed winter, spring is back with a burst of fresh roses to flush the cheeks while enhancing the complexion with a seemingly innocent purity. Sensual full lips in bright pink or coral light up the face. A bold touch of eyeliner completes the look.” –Lloyd Simmonds

YSL’s Spring 2011 makeup collection will be released this month with a touch of powder, fluttering eyelashes, and stolen kisses. This collection is about illuminating a porcelain complexion with intensely flushed cheekbones. It is about vibrant, pink petal kissed lips and intense, piercing eyes. It is for a sensuous woman with a boho-chic look.

The Palette Celebration is a versatile complexion highlighter that imparts an exquisite radiance to the face for flawless skin. It contains composite powders with a soft texture that glide onto the skin in a gentle motion. It contains silica particles for a flawless finish and silicone wax for lasting hold.

The Crème de Blush, my favorite product of the collection, is a cream blush that sculpts and highlights the cheekbones in an ultra natural way. It is velvety soft, light and airy, with a smooth texture that blends perfectly into the skin. It comes in three “ready-to-wear” shades: Velvety Peach, Rose Powdery Rose, and Silky Praline. In addition, it comes in two “Couture” shades: Fuchsia Temptation and Passion Red.

The Golden Gloss has an amazing shimmer to it that makes lips look bold and luscious. It comes in superb shades of pink including Golden Impertinence, Golden Insolence, and Golden Obsession. It goes on smoothly giving lips a vibrant look.