Haute Toys: Hermès Designed Smart Car

Founded in 1938, the COMO Group distributes the smart, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Honda at fifteen sites in Paris and Ile-de-France. Averaging 7,000 cars a year, this company has had huge success in the French capital, where the smart car has become the next big thing. Como also offers a vast range of low-pollution cars made for city driving. Their car, the Smart Fortwo holds the record of the car with the lowest CO2 emission.

The craftsmen in Hermès workshops have transformed the car’s interior, maximizing its comfort and simplicity. The steering wheel, which has been cased in saddle-stitched leather, allows for a strong grip and effortless ride. For the company’s birthday, ten colors were proposed: ebony, gold, charcoal, orange, hot red, bright red, fuchsia pink, indigo, sky, and lime. Its simple, yet stylish design has attracted attention all over the world, and continues to grow each and every day. Only forty Hermès Smart Cars will be made and will be distributed all over the world.

For more information, visit www.como.fr.