Haute Fashion: Shirley Ephraim and Donna Karan Collaborate for Artisanal Spring 2011 Jewelry Collection

As jewelry designer Shirley Ephraim teams up with design legend Donna Karan for her Spring 2011 collection, we herald the idea that there can never be too much of a good thing. Ephraim, who has drawn her inspiration from her heritage, nature, world travels, and traditional handicrafts, has stood out in the trade with precious and rare jewelry pieces that are reminiscent of old world luxury. In this day in age, as many items have lost their human touch, Ephraim’s designs, handmade with skills and techniques learned from her mother and tribal artisans of her childhood, are a welcomed and refreshing reflection of the artisan herself.

The Shirley Ephraim collection is designed with purpose. With movement, texture, and draping at the forefront of her design process, each finished product is an earthy yet luxurious piece that can connect and emotionally translate to its wearer. Even better, Ephraim’s designs are made entirely with sustainable, natural, and ethically-sourced materials such as precious stones, luxurious handmade silk fibers, organic plant extracts, recycled 19th century sterling silver, low-impact Swarovski crystals, and organic nacre.

For Spring 2011, Ephraim, once herself an intern for Donna Karan, has teamed up with the renowned designer to join a unique, intricate handmade collection with Karan’s ready-to-wear pieces. Ephraim’s designs, which were featured in the Donna Karan Spring 2011 runway show, exhibited an incredible harmony with Karan’s collection. Of the Shirley Ephraim for Donna Karan Collection, Creative Director of Donna Karan Peter Speliopolous said, “Shirley Ephraim has a unique vision which is expressed in both the look of the jewelry, and in her commitment to reinvigorating traditional handcrafts for a modern woman. The strength of the jewelry is in its natural color, unexpected lightness, and earthy, organic feeling. The crochet and weaving techniques evoke the artisan’s hand, while the simplicity of the designs and lightness of the materials keep the look elegant and sophisticated.” The unique pieces will be sold in Donna Karan stores and at www.donnakaran.com in the U.S. and UK starting this month.

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