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  • Michelle Gomolin
  • Born and raised in Boston, MA, Michelle Gomolin is a true entity unto herself. Precocious and quite tenacious, Michelle has always been a girl to go after what she wants. Majoring in business at Babson College but spurning the thought of the corporate world, she moved to Paris to study fashion. It was during her dalliance with Paris that Michelle realized her two greatest affinities were for styling and writing. Upon her return to the states she began working for Intermix as a personal stylist, where she can be found dressing the women of New York. With a true penchant for all things luxury and a flair for the written word, Michelle puts pen to “paper” with stinging social commentary on all things happening in her city. In her free time she can be found at the gym, out and about on the town (in a fabulous pair of Fendi shoes) or watching Bravo TV with her girlfriends. And one more thing-her happiness hangs in her closet.

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