Haute Fashion: New Delray Boutique Offers Luxurious and Lucky Resort Wear

Jewelry designer Jen Scoz has been crafting beautiful products for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the designer opened her first retail store. Now, more than two years later, Scoz has opened a new location in Downtown Delray. The newest store, which is the first to carry a clothing line as well (more on that later), opened in mid-February and is a visual pastiche of shining gems and stones, pendants from around the world and brightly-colored shoes and accessories.

Jen Scoz Designs

In the corner of her store, Scoz’s Maltese, Falcor, relaxes on his bed, and along every wall, ornate wooden furniture pieces hold hundreds of hand-crafted jewels. It’s clear that Scoz has collected in her small store small bits and pieces of all of the things she cherishes. She travels to countries like Thailand, India and Bali to find inspiration and brings it all back here. It was on one of these trips that word reached her about the possibility of opening the Delray location.

“Delray had been calling me for a year and a half,” Scoz said, but the timing had not yet been right to open a new store. On the same day that she and her partner, Hawk Stillwind, met with designers to discuss the clothing line, she heard about the store opportunity. “We got the confirmation we needed,” she said.

Scoz relies on the fates to guide many of her business decisions, and she pours into each piece she makes the same love and luck that has come to her. “People tell me ‘Whenever I put your piece on, I have good luck all day,’” Scoz said.

She calls her work, “intention-based jewelry.” Each piece is carefully considered and individually produced with conscientious use of resources. In addition to the pieces she feels inspired to make (which range in price from as low as $20 up to $2,000), Scoz also works with clients to make pieces to order. She allows clients to choose from her many precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, bone and imported pendants and beads.

The Delray store also exclusively carries the pair’s men and women’s clothing line, Stillwind’s Spirit. The women’s line features soft, sumptuous fabrics including hand-painted batiks (which take 10 days each to make) and silks in styles that are both flattering and comfortable. According to Scoz, they hoped to make, “a piece a woman puts on and instantly feels like a goddess.”

The Delray store is located at 6 Fifth Ave. and the original Palm Beach location is in the Paramount Building at 139 N. County Road. For hours or to make an appointment, visit JenScoz.com.

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