Haute Dining: The Best Places to Dine During Oscar Week in L.A.

Even with the recent rainstorm that drenched us the past few days, L.A.’s zest for celebrities, red carpets, and star athletes cannot be quenched. Did you see how many rain-soaked basketball fans turned up for the All Star Game at the Staples Center? Thankfully, the winter storms have passed and nothing else but the buzz of the Oscars is brewing. Hopefully, as the weather holds up, the stars will have an easy time making fabulous sartorial choices with which to  dazzle us this Sunday on the red carpet. In preparation for the biggest event in show biz, one thing the stars won’t be doing in preparation is indulging their sweet tooth, or that hankering for a big juicy porterhouse steak–well, at least not until the Governor’s Ball anyway.

But this is L.A., and celebrations are never more than a few days apart. So we can reap the benefits of Oscar week early at restaurants around town serving up star worthy dishes. We can thank our lucky stars for limited-edition menus that include everything from “air bread” to classic vintage Hollywood cocktails. And for that sweet tooth, a red carpet box filled with yummy morsels from a famed L.A.  bakery.

So, without further ado, here are the ‘awards’ for the most innovative Oscar inspired menus.

A star match made in Beverly Hills heaven. You are probably already familiar with the wildly innovative creations of Jose Andres over at The Bazaar. Which means that you won’t be surprised to learn that the restaurant inside the SLS hotel will be starring ‘Oscar Bread’ with a guest appearance by ‘Golden Boy’ cocktail. Oscar Bread is a version of the famed air bread filled with espuma of potato and topped with ‘golden’ oestera caviar, replete with a dusting of gold. The ‘Golden Boy’ is a cocktail concocted from Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) and flecks of gold. Pair the two for a star quality meal. The Bazaar is located at 465 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, 310.246.5555.

Star Cocktails. You’ve heard every winning actress or actor say it. The cocktails. It’s what makes the Oscar parties so much fun. In celebration of the awards season, the Four Seasons Hotel has lined up a few contenders to rev up your Oscar week celebrations. First, the dark and brooding, fragile and twisted ‘Sparking Swan’ made with Moet & Chandon, Chambord-flavored vodka, fragoli liquor and St. Germain, crowned with a strawberry.  For the gentlemen, how about a “Bare Knuckle Fight?” The ingredient list sure packs a punch: moonshine, St. Germain, sweet & sour, Lucardo Cherry liqeur and egg white powder, topped off with some bloody raspberries. Ouch. And yum! Refresh your palate with ‘Spanish Buzz,’ starring Don Ramon tequila, fresh lime juice, agave syrup, muddled cucumber, cilantro and green tobacco. The Four Seasons is  located at 300 South Doheny Drive., Los Angeles, 310.273.2222.

The Sweet Darling. Up for sweetest performance is Sprinkles Red Carpet Box sealed with a Wall of Fame sticker. A dozen red velvet cupcakes adorned with shiny gold stars? Enough said. Sprinkles is located at 9635 South Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills, 310.274.8765.