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  • Rebecca Ahn
  • Rebecca Ahn is a freelance writer who loves connecting with others by sharing her experiences and enthusiasm on various topics including design, art, food, travel and luxury lifestyle. She grew up in southern California, spending lazy Saturday afternoons reading through a tote bag full of books that her parents coerced her to check out for the week. Gladly, she delved into the magical worlds she encountered in books like The Secret Garden. A love for reading naturally coalesced into a passion for the craft of writing. After majoring in English at UCSD, she moved to New York, where the pages of fashion magazines she used to pore over as a teenager came to life before her eyes. Ever the studious one, she enrolled in a master’s program in English Literature at NYU. Rebecca went on to work at House Beautiful magazine, where she developed a great appreciation for good design. In 2006 she moved back to Los Angeles; and through working with well-known interior designers, she learned about what truly constitutes sound aesthetics.

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