Your Go-To Guide For Awards Season In Los Angeles

Gorgeous Head to Toe

Cameron Silver has been at the epicenter of the fashion world as the go to guy for all things stylish; but in L.A. he is especially beloved as the owner of his fashion trilogy of stores: Decades, for vintage couture, Decadestwo (pre-owned and unworn designer jewelry, bags, shoes and clothes), and his newest addition, Decades Denim. In his previous life, Silver served as an official ambassador for Pringle and Boucheron as well as a creative consultant for Azzaro. This year, Silver kindly agreed to give Haute Living his take on the red carpet.

Haute Living: What do you think we’ll see on the red carpet this year?

Cameron Silver: It’s always the same thing: Lots of color and dramatic volume. The only thing that could possibly look fresh is a woman in a minimal black gown with an outstanding piece of jewelry. But everyone seems to prefer to dress like Cinderella in borrowed haute couture and bling.

HL Are there certain actresses whom you look forward to seeing on the red carpet?

CS I am behind on movies this year but I have heard a lot about Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone. Natalie Portman is a beautiful woman to dress, as is her Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis. I am usually more intrigued by the established actresses of a certain age—women who are not fashion darlings but extraordinary talents like Annette Bening and Melissa Leo. These two women are riveting on screen and it is always interesting how the non fashionista thespian steps onto the red carpet and remains authentic as well as stylish. It’s easy to dress a 20 year old ingénue, but it is also wonderful when you see someone who doesn’t normally grace the cover of the weekly mags, but shows up and looks divine.

HL Name a couple of your favorite local designers.

CS Naturally Decades since we have an amazing selection of 20th century vintage couture and we have been dressing celebs and civilians for the red carpet since 1997. Decadestwo is also a fantastic source for 21st century pre-owned and loved designer clothing, and one can find a great gown for a delicious price. Monique Lhuillier really does fantastic, amazing gowns. There is a fabulous, not to mention big, selection at her magnificent flagship store right on Melrose Place. JC Obando is a Los Angeles based designer with an atelier that can make a custom gown, but also sells at Barneys. I love his work and it’s great to support new local talent!

Decades, 8214 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, 323.655.0223

Monique Lhuillier, 8485 Melrose Place Los Angeles, 323.655.1088

Juan Carlos Obando can be found in the Personal Shopping Department of Barneys.