Your Go-To Guide For Awards Season In Los Angeles

Body Mechanics

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, you still want to look good—and feel good—when you walk the red carpet. Here are a few ideas on how to keep it looking taut. Which one you choose depends on your willpower situation…or lack thereof.


Los Angeles trainer Kristin Anderson is here to help. She’ll listen, and you’ll learn. A former figure skater, she adheres to a very straight forward exercise regimen: work out, eat right, and you get fit. First and foremost though, Anderson is the pinnacle of discretion—she has to be, as her clients include Academy Award winners and some of the biggest moguls in town.

“When it comes to the red carpet and the camera, there are no free rides. Critics are going to have a field day with this red carpet season, no lump or sagging skin will be spared from their scrutinizing eyes.” That being said, Anderson feels to get the job done right, you need 8 weeks. But it’s not just working out; eating well is just as crucial. Calories should be in the ballpark of 1500. Her training is a combo platter: Pilates, cardio and weight training. According to Anderson, variety is the spice of life when it comes to working out her starlets, because it brings faster results and prevents boredom…just don’t ever ditch the consistency.

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Sometimes, despite our diligence in the gym, we need a little extra help. That’s where Mary “The Fat Whisperer” Saulnier comes in. Based out of Kate Somerville’s little slice of heaven on Melrose Place, Mary is in charge of your slim down which brings together three technologies in one to go after the ultimate villain of the red carpet, cellulite. While the technology is cutting edge, Mary is a soft spoken, nouveau bohemian with a healing touch and soulful detoxification information. She starts you off in an herbal wrap (made of her very own concoction which includes, coffee, sea clay, and Kate Somerville goodies) and then zips you up in a lymphatic massage suit. What happens next is pure bliss: As you lie on the table, wrapped, strapped and blanketed, her machine goes to work. Based on the principles of lymphatic drainage and venous circulation, the Presso Therapy applies a wave of pressure to the sub dermal tissue, from the base of the limbs upwards towards the body. The sensation is that of a relaxing massage, like a pair of hands moving gently up the limbs. Using Presso Therapy regularly may help to prevent the development of cellulitis, interrupt the accumulation of cellulite, aid in preventing varicose veins, reduce limb and body swelling, shape legs, arms, buttocks, and belly. It helps to improve circulation, digestion, lymphatic and muscular systems as well as tone. While reducing the body’s metabolic waste the lymphatic system is being re-educated to work more efficiently. To note: It will take more than one treatment, but in the end, you’ll feel beyond svelte and rejuvenated.

Body by Kate, Kate Somerville Salon
8428 Melrose Place, Los Angeles


Award season arrives right after the holidays when most of us have been not good like Santa wanted, but extra bad. Here’s where The Spring comes in. While the luxurious locale is definitely a nice getaway to refurbish your bod, the piece de resistance is Jan Minter’s special fasting and cleansing retreats. For five days, you have nothing but fab juices packed with nutrients while you get buffed, scrubbed, and of course, educated on how to eat better. Granted, most of us will go back to our bad ways eventually, but for a brief respite you can do your bod a favor and clean it out and get out of town without hopping on a plane; Desert Hot Springs is just far enough away but also, just close enough.

The Spring Resort and Spa
12699 Reposo Way
Desert Hot Springs, 760.251.6700


In Hollywood, everything old is new again, including your bod, if you do it right. Much like the studios, Sebastien Lagree decided to take an old concept and give it a new spin with his chain of studios, Pilates Plus. You go, you sweat, you transform—but it ain’t easy. Brooke Burke, Courtney Love, and Ben Stiller are all disciples to his SPX Fitness ways. And while Lagree has locations (and does private training) all over town, our favorite location is West Hollywood, with instructors Piper Michelle and Leslie Karpman.

Pilates Plus, 8500 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, 310.358.9491