New Trend at Russia’s Real Estate Market for VIP-bunkers

The inhabitants of Moscow’s most elite residential area–The Rublevsky highway–have set a new estate fad. Local dwellers are erecting personal bunkers on their sites. That does remind me of the underground bunkers that were built in the United States in the ’50s, at the height of the Cold War. But Rublevsky highway residents are not using them to hide not from nuclear threats.

Construction of such fortification is expensive; however, the number of people who want to protect themselves is growing day by day. At present there are five companies in Moscow able carry out such unusual projects.

The construction cost of a bunker is comparable to the price on business class apartments in Moscow. SpetsGeoProekt Constriction Company has already built 10 VIP-bunkers; the price on one of the underground shelters reached $300,000.

Business class bunkers (if you could say so) are equipped with special air filtration systems, usually installed in submarines or space ships. There are an environment control system, noxious fumes sensors and weather station set up inside. And of course VIP-bunkers furnishing is far from military facilities. Construction Company can build a real underground palace if requested.

The bunker won’t withstand a direct nuclear hit; it’s a fact. Mainly it is built to hide from criminal raids, robbery and kidnapping. Incidentally, armoured panic rooms is a must for luxurious apartments, even in law-abiding western countries. For instance, the world’s most expensive residential complex One Hyde Park in London boasts bullet proof windows and panic rooms.

A fortified bunker could also be useful for hiding from bad weather, holding a confidential meeting or storing jewels.

(Source: Luxury Magazine)

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