New Copper Encased Beau Joie Rose Champagne

With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching the good people at Beau Joie have you covered with the release of their copper encased Beau Joie Rose. The exquisite bottles have already hosted events at the historic Oak Room in the Grand Plaza Hotel, in New York and other exclusive hot spots in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The Rose, which gets its start in Epernay, France, is 50 percent Pinot Noir  and 50 percent Chardonnay. If the crisp and refreshing aspect aren’t enough of a draw than the armor-clad bottle surely will be. Each bottle is  encased in 100 percent Copper with 60 hand-applied rivets and even offers a canvas for further embellishments. The idea for the casing came from the armor worn by knights, and certainly adds a protective glamour to the already beautiful bottle. The copper also acts as an aid for  opening the bottle and keeps the Rose at a more stable and chilly temperature longer– perfect for poolside decadence (once the weather warms up a little!)

For the environmentally conscious Rose consumer, you will be happy to know that Beau Joie uses second-generation copper scrap. They didn’t stop there, the brand even arranged to acquire the already used bottles to further recycle the copper from many of their venues. So with Valentines Day looming it seems only fit for acclaimed champagne producers Beau Joie to release not only a Rose, but a Rose that is kept in its own suit-of-armor. My kind of knight!