Kirk Hopper Fine Art to Open New Gallery Downtown


Art has a home here in Dallas, and it’s not necessarily confined to the ambitious new Arts District, which has the big boy museums like the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Dallas Museum of Art. The real artisan’s lair is considered to be Dragon Street, where smaller galleries flourish and monthly street fairs are held. This is where the HCG Gallery resides, a popular venue spearheaded by Dallas’ Kirk Hopper that is known to exhibit some of the most intriguing and original exhibits in the area. Now, local art fans are pleased to discover that Hopper is planning a move to a new location on Commerce Street downtown, a gallery he has built and designed himself.

Kirk Hopper Fine Art is slated to open min-February with an inaugural exhibit by sculptor Mac Whitney. “Some of Whitney’s pieces are massive in scale,” said Hopper. “In fact, we’re having them brought in with a crane. The largest will be displayed in the open air courtyard.”

Current plans also include exhibitions featuring the work of Alejandro A. Diaz, Carlos Donjuan, Gary Bishop, Jesse Lott, Sergio Garcia and Forrest Bess, artists Hopper has known from HCG and hopes to showcase at the new space.

That is not to say that the coveted HCG Gallery will be slowing momentum. Currently on display visitors will find “Luminous Flux,” a photographic installation by Ansen Seale utilizing a rare process called slitscan photography. The effect is bizarre, beautiful and entirely unadulterated. “It is important to understand that these images are not manipulated,” says Seale. “This is the way my camera sees the world.”

HCG Gallery,1130 Dragon Street, Ste 190, 214.760.9230,

Coming soon: Kirk Hopper Fine Art, 3008 Commerce Street