I Want Candy: Ippolita

Ippolita Bottlecap ring

New Year’s resolution No. 2: stock up on some of the  hottest statement jewelry around.

This year it’s all about bold color and shine.

What do I want? I want candy — Ippolita’s Rock Candy Collection.

Ippolita Mini Lollipop earring from Rock Candy Collection

Celebrity fave jewelry designer Ippolita, known for her signature bangles and developing her own hue of gold, sat down with me to discuss her inspiration, style and tips for men and women on selecting the perfect jewelry pieces.

Q: What inspired you to create your own shade of gold?
I: Growing up in Italy, I was always enamored by the color of gold as represented in paintings and antiquaries throughout the ages. It’s a very bright and vibrant gold and as I began developing my collection, I wanted to capture the spirit of what that felt like in my mind.

Q: How should women make the choice between wearing gold or silver?
I: For me, it can be as simple as how I am feeling on a particular day. The wonderful thing about all three of my metals — 18-karat gold, sterling silver and Ippolita rose — is that they compliment a variety of skin tones, making any choice is the right one.

Q: Your pieces navigate flawlessly between trendy/fashion forward and classic! How do you maintain this balance?
I: I appreciate the grace of simple design and am drawn to, as most people are, sculptural, organic shapes- they are familiar, flattering and comfortable to wear-; this is what makes a design timeless. The fashion for me is all about beautiful colors, unique and interesting materials and the unexpected mixing, like a brilliantly cut stone set in a shiny geometric resin bangle.

Q: If a woman could only have one piece of jewelry this season what should it be? What would make the biggest statement?
I: There are so many options. Silver and bold color always make a statement. A multi-stone party ring in righ olive from my Wonderland Collection or an eye-catching turquoise and gold drop earring, both are a great way to stand out.

Q: What is the best advice you have for a man on buying jewelry for a woman?
I: Pay attention to those moments when she’s at her most confident. What is she wearing? Something bold and colorful or something simple and chic, Choose a style that matches this and you can’t go wrong.

You can find Ippolita at Neiman Marcus at Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas or at www.ippolita.com.