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  • Christie Moeller
  • An innate sense of fashion forward style and unwavering confidence are the key components to Christie Moeller’s accomplished career as a fashion stylist. Her dead-on selections, dependability and earned trust have garnered Moeller an impressive client list and respect from well-known photographers, editors, celebrities and public relations firms. This has allowed Moeller to create images for print, commercials, music videos, electronic and television productions — all different mediums, all with the stylishly appropriate Moeller touch. Her extensive client list includes MTV, VH1, CBS, Billboard Music Awards, Toyota, Penn and Teller, Nike, Travel & Leisure, People, FHM, Maxim, Fight! Magazine, On Board Media, 944 Magazine and nearly every hotel/ casino in Las Vegas, where Moeller is based. Her knowledge of current and historical fashion trends makes her a valuable and well-educated source for the industry’s latest looks and information for both print and online media. Whatever the look desired – from a 1950s pin-up girl to real-life Barbie and Ken dolls – Moeller knows what is needed and makes it happen.

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