A Sad Day for Dallas Dining: Bye Bye York Street and The Mansion’s Collier

Ok, I know I’m a little slow on the uptake here, but I heard rumors about York Street closing so I had to do a drive by to make sure that owner and chef Sharon Hage wasn’t pulling a fast one and just having some kind of exclusive wild party over there. Alas, my hopes were destroyed when I took in the lonely little building, a very small, unassuming box hidden behind a gas station in Lakewood that was always way too chic to stand out.

It appears that after nine wonderful years in that spot, bringing fresh, eclectic, ever-changing menus to the discerning eaters of Dallas, Hage has closed York Street until further notice, citing personal reasons for the move. My visits there (reserved days, often weeks ahead of time) were always met with pleasant and knowledgeable servers, a superior wine selection and of course the most delectable dishes you never even thought of before. It’s almost like having a hole in your heart, except it’s more of a lower, gastro-emptiness.

Another sad loss, The Mansion on Turtle Creek is bidding farewell to Executive Pastry Chef David Collier, who is moving to Washington D.C. to be with his family. The folks at the Mansion are currently searching for his replacement, but in the interim Executive Chef Bruno Davaillon will take over, who reportedly has pastry expertise himself.

Don’t let this news get you down, however. There are plenty new restaurants coming to Dallas soon, including Thai spot Malai in the West Village  this week.