A Culinary World of Possibilities: Alan Wong Releases a New Cookbook

The worst part of the day might just be when you come home from work, stare blankly at your cupboards as your stomach rumbles and wonder what am I going to eat? Instead of running to the nearest McDonald’s, why not try the nearest Barnes & Noble? After 11 years, Hawaiian master chef Alan Wong has decided to release us of our everyday interior “what am I going to eat for dinner” conflicts with his second cookbook — “The Blue Tomato: Inspirations behind the Cuisine of Alan Wong.”

The 284-page book features more than 200 individual recipes including 70 best of Alan Wong dishes and mouthwatering food photography as well as travel anecdotes and the sources for his inspiration. Giving “Top Chef “addicts a reason to brave the kitchen, this new cookbook  will serve as a culinary bible for the at home cook who wants to try fun, culinary forward dishes and the professional chef who wants to explore the brilliance of Wong and experience the inner workings of his kitchen.

Organized in such a way that even a novice could understand, the book is descriptive, using very detailed instructions guiding the reader through every meal with step by step instructions as well as pictures for meals that would make even the harshest critic smile.

The book doesn’t just include recipes, the book delves deep into the process of the 2006 James Beard Award winning chef, providing readers and chefs alike with the background information, his influences and information that breaks down into his understanding that cooking is all about experimenting, and trying new things

Wong, who has long been revered in the culinary world for his inventive new ideas and contemporary twists on the multi-ethnic dishes of Hawaii, has created a cookbook that speaks to more than just cooking food, but also the notion that anything is possible (yes, even a blue tomato).