Make It a Night: Westside

Who says that a night out in Atlanta has to mean driving from one side of town to the other, wasting time and money on gas and parking? With a little bit of creativity, know-how and a GPS, you can make a night of it in any one of the city’s neighborhoods without ever having to move your car. This weekend instead of driving around aimlessly, why not make a night of it on Atlanta’s Westside?

Save the more expensive fare for first dates and dinner with the folks and bypass Bacchanalia and JCT Kitchen as you take your place in line at Taqueria Del Sol located in the Westside Urban Market. This local favorite serves some of the city’s best and most reasonably priced fish tacos and amazingly fresh salsas and guacamole. Oh and don’t forget to wash everything down with a Westside Margarita. Ask for it by name to get the full Taqueria experience.

Once you’ve had all the chips and tacos you can take, walk across the parking lot for a sweet treat courtesy of the pastry chefs at Star Provisions. This culinary dream shop is like having full access to Bacchanalia’s pantry and is perfect for preparing for your next dinner party or grabbing a brownie or cupcake to go.

With your sweet tooth satisfied, cross the bridge over the train tracks to Ormsby’s for a pint of craft beer or a classic cocktail prepared by one of their amazing bartenders. After a drink or two head downstairs for a game of backgammon, bocce ball, darts, pool or shuffleboard to finish off your night on a high note.

Next time you sit down to plan your night out, remember that a great night does not have to include 15-minute drives that can take 30 minutes with traffic, paying a pretty penny for parking or circling the block for hours in an attempt to bypass the parking lots. Save yourself the hassle and discover that despite what you may think Atlanta can be a walking town.

Westside Urban Market, home to Star Provisions, Taqueria Del Sol, Bacchanalia and more, is located at 1183-1210 Howell Mill Rd. Ormsby’s is located at 1170 Howell Mill Rd.