A Brooklyn Bowl Birthday

Picking a place to celebrate your birthday can become an event within itself. There are a number of different factors to be considered, none of which present us with easy decisions to make. Dynamics such as guest list, location, style and level of intended birthday narcissism all require equal consideration. Throughout the many birthday celebrations I’ve been a part of, I’ve found that there are two types of people: those who excessively love their birthday and those who timidly hate it; to find someone who falls in between is a rare commodity. Whether you are the love or hate type, birthday festivities are always in order and are usually hard to avoid.

A close friend of mine, who I would consider the “love birthday type,” proposed celebrating the night at Brooklyn Bowl. I questioned this choice, wondering why anyone would want to leave Manhattan to begin with, and for a bowling alley of all places? Couldn’t we just go to Lucky Strike or Bowlmor? Now of course, whether one loves or hates their birthday, as a friend you must always support the birthday girl, so off to Brooklyn we went.

After much speculation, Brooklyn Bowl ended up being the perfect birthday spot. It was truly the most social bowling alley I’ve ever been to. Inside there was a restaurant where you could eat all the fried food imaginable, a bar area to mingle and buy drinks, a stage for concerts (yes, there was a live band playing that night) and of course the bowling lanes where you are given a private waiter to order any food or drink off the menu. Due to the laid-back atmosphere, the invitation list was open ended and everyone had a great time celebrating. We even got the band to sing “Happy Birthday” to our friend, which was the perfect ending to a Brooklyn Bowl birthday.

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