Fluevog: Your Winter Boots Don’t Have to Be Boring

Winter can bring out a host of emotions in Bostonians.  Some love the idea of snowflakes falling all around them and may even sneak in a snow angel or two in Boston Commons when the mood strikes.  For others, the idea of cold, wind and the inevitable slush has them feeling just plain blue.

Fashionistas, men and women alike, are particularly distraught over the coming of winter because fashion is often a slave to the practicality of staying warm and dry. How can one stay funky without getting slushy?  John Fluevog on Newbury Street may hold a piece of the puzzle to a fabulously fashionable winter in New England.

The subterranean shop offers a playful blend of retro style mixed with modern innovation for durable high- quality looks you will not find anywhere else. Ladies footwear spans the gamut from to the knee red-orange suede boots with black leather trim and black round buttons running up the side ala a 20’s style flapper to thick soled round toed Bondgirl boots in hunter green that zip up the inside with a exposed hardware zipper accented with two buckles along the top and one strapped across the front from ankle to ankle.

Men’s styles are as rugged as they are daringly different. From the Banker Soro (shown above) with its effortless good looks to a more British Invasion style bootie, named Beat Cassidy, in polished black leather with silver buckles to finish off its sleek look.

If you should happen in for boots and saunter out with boots, shoes and sandals in tow, do not be surprised.  Fluevog can hypnotize with its individualized styles. Purses, bags and other accessories are also available – including the incredibly cool special edition NOOKA watch.  Or, should leather be against your beliefs, Fluevog offers a line of vegan footwear as well green, environmentally conscious products for men and women.

The line between men’s and women’s fashions often blurs into its own funkoria at Fluevog making for great boots that can be shared with girlfriends and boyfriends.  Just make sure they’re good friends, because none of these boots are styles you’ll want walking out of your life anytime soon.

John Fluevog is located at 302 Newbury St., Back Bay, Boston 617.266.1079 fluevog.com