A New Resolve

New Year’s Resolutions. Do you make one every year?  Do you keep it? The concept is a good one.  A new year – a fresh start – a time to right some of your more habitual wrongs. But why mess with perfection, right?  Well, should you need a little gentle reminder of ways to improve yourself and your life, let us make a few small suggestions.  Here are some ideas for New Year’s resolutions and ways to get cracking on them right away.

Learn Something New

Expanding your knowledge base is always a good thing.  So whether you want to know how to cook more nutritiously, play the clarinet or dance the salsa, there are a myriad of classes being taught nightly throughout the Boston area.  Your best bets for a full listing of opportunities would be to check out the Boston Center for Adult Education or the Cambridge Center for Adult Education.  You may be surprised at the number of classes that may pique your interest.

Give Back

Philanthropy is very much in vogue this time of year and while it is good and noble to give money to a worthwhile cause sometimes you may wish to get more intimately involved in a cause.  A great way to feel more a part of the organizations you donate to is to give of your time as well. Contact your favorite non-profit organizations to see what opportunities exist to volunteer your time and talents or utilize a service like Volunteer Match to lead you to the numerous non-profit groups that could use your help.

Get Organized

No one said you had to go it alone on your New Year’s resolutions.  So if your goal is to get more organized in your home, your office or just in your life in general, feel free to call in a professional to help get you on track. The professional organizer industry is booming these days, so finding a knowledgeable and, of course, well organized individual to help should be easy.  Check out the ladies at Refine Design and Clear the Clutter to get started.

Get in Shape

What do we have if we don’t have our health?  Getting in shape should be all about a healthy life, with a killer body as a secondary benefit. If committing yourself to a location, a fitness club in other words, will help you stay committed to this task, you are in luck. Haute Living has already compiled the top 5 fitness clubs in Boston.  Take a look, make your pick and start working out.

Spend More Time with Friends and Family

This may be the easiest and most important resolution of all.  Life is short and we should make sure we dedicate the time to the people that matter most in our lives.  If you have had trouble squeezing this in in the past book some tickets, plan a trip or otherwise commit yourself well in advance to make it harder for you to put off for tomorrow what is better accomplished today. Check out Ticketmaster, Bostix or Boston USA for some of your choices of activities to take part in around the city year round.