Haute Couture: Megan Huntz Collection in Atlanta

Native Atlantan (and former Woodward alum) Megan Huntz has returned to Atlanta after six years in Italy. There, she worked designing denim and that eventually led to the launch of her own line of clothes,  more specifically, dresses. The young designer has a free spirit about her that is evident in each piece she creates. Now with years of the Italian fashion industry under her belt, she is back in the states and plans to spend time introducing her designs to her home country.

Made from 100% hand-washed silk with special washings and over dyeing treatments,  each design is completely unique and her collection comes in an array of flirty and yet modern shapes and lengths.
Huntz says she basically starts with a big roll of the fabric and just starts cutting. She must have a good intuition because her blind cuts have an ethereal, slightly funky but still romantic look and feel.

And another great thing about Megan Huntz pieces is that each design is limited edition. In fact, she says that it is incorrect to call her dress line a collection. She sees it more of an art project. She says that each of the dresses are unique and made in a series, like  a series of paintings or art prints. In fact, each dress is hand numbered so the wearer can understand exactly the exclusivity of this artisan project.  

Today, I got a chance to catch up with Megan Huntz while she was previewing her collection at the newly opened and already coveted Vetted boutique in Buckhead. In fact, Vetted will be the only place in Atlanta where you can get your hands on her collection. 

Megan Huntz also does made-to-order, custom dresses,  and has just recently ventured into the bridal realm. Still boasting that off-the-cuff quality, these bridal pieces are simple, elegant and perfect for a wedding on a beach.

Vetted is located at 516 E. Paces Ferry Rd. 404.228.4279 

For more information about Megan Huntz, visit her website, meganhuntz.com