So You Say You’re a G-Star?

Did you attend G-Star Raw S/S 2011 show with Kelly Osbourne, Liv Tyler, Alan Cumming, and Byrdie Bell? Y/N

But did you get backstage for the champagne post-party? Y/N

And did you make it to the private dinner with the G-Star Raw Execs at MPD (Daniel and Derek Koch‘s new restaurant in meatpacking)? Y/N

Were you A-list enough to stroll into Provocateur, one of the toughest doors in the city, for the G-Star Raw sponsored party with endless champagne and vodka? Y/N

And ultimately, were you escorted behind the velvet curtains for the G-Star Raw after-party grand finale to witness 4 hours of magic by deadmau5, the world’s hottest DJ not to mention the official DJ of this past weekend’s VMAs. Y/N


0 – Don’t give up hope.

1-4 Y’sYou are a G-Star in training.

5 Y’s – You are Officially a Haute G-Star Raw VIP Rockstar.

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