He’s on Fire


Private Audience Personal Treasures

“I want to get to see as much of my kids as possible,” is a pleasantly warm response to the inquiry of his future trajectory, one that was quite similar to his response about the question of his biggest success: “Marrying my wife.” The di Bonaventuras make the concerted effort to spend significant time together whenever possible. Often that means bouncing ideas off of the children, and where the common reaction is, “Dad, that sucks!” The critiquing has less to do with the children’s aptitude for selecting the next blockbuster and more with a personal goal to not let professional life interrupt family life. He brings his crew on the road, or vise versa. “I flew home every weekend during the filming of Salt,” he recalls. “It’s about dedication to family.”

And while di Bonaventura enjoys making films that his children can relate to, there are movies, he stresses, they won’t see for a while. But he’s left such an indelible mark on the industry, that they, and their children, and their children’s children will all enjoy the work of the legendary Lorenzo di Bonaventura for eternity.