Haute Watches: Exclusive on the $520,000 Richard Mille RM 027 Watch

It’s not every day that you get to preview a limited edition $520,000 Richard Mille watch right after air kissing Patrick Demarchelier, dining at Mario Batali’s haute new spot Eataly, but then again Haute Living is not every magazine.

Sabrina Chapman, New York’s Online Editor, met with Laura Hughes, Public Relations Director of Richard Mille, for an exclusive one-on-one peek of the RM 027, which you may have noticed donning the arm of Rafael Nadal these past weeks at the Mercedes-Benz US Open.

Sabrina Chapman of Haute Living Magazine wearing the RM 027

“Do you ever get nervous carrying around more than a million dollars in watches,” I asked as Laura pulled out the velvet travel pouches while the Eataly dining hall buzzed of freshly sliced prosciutto, parmesan and prosecco, somewhat of a Citarella on speed. Laura smiled and said “sometimes, but then again it’s not encrusted in diamonds.”

And rightly so, this is not a watch for your average layman or your gaudy power player. There are only 50 of the RM 027 across the world. It’s a watch of perfection that can handle the speed of light and the intensity of a Rafael Nadal backhand. Will you be one of the 50?