Haute Eats NYC: Tiella

It’s not often I wander to the outskirts of our concrete island, but for a fine meal, I will wander across the earth. Luckily you don’t have to go that far. On 61st and 1st Avenue, is a quaint Italian Restaurant fit for an evening of enchanting bella notte (Lady in the Tramp style). Tiella’s dishes will overwhelm the senses while the atmosphere calms the nerves, simply the best of both worlds.

(pic courtesy of dmanburger.com)

Haute Highlights

  • Ingredients – In order to have good food you must have a good base. Since 80percent of the ingredients at Tiella are imported from Italy, you can pretty much guarantee authenticity to the level where if you close your eyes you can imagine you are on the Amalfi Coast.
  • La Tiella – The restaurant’s namesake exceeds expectations. Enjoy Stracciatella E Tartufo. The fresh, creamy cheese and truffle will take your taste buds to blissful dreams in layers of temperature, texture and sensational flavors of homegrown Italian ingredients.
  • Sformatino – A spinach flan, served with sweet gorgonzola sauce. So tender your tear ducts will burst at the sheer beauty of this dish.

Chopping Block

  • Salmone – Salmon carpaccio with julienne of orange fennel and lemon. At face value a gorgeous dish, but then a few forks later it it’s a bit too sharp and overpowering, stifling the ability to celebrate the tenderness of these flavors.

Haute Insider Tip

  • Insiders know to ask for the Grappa and an espresso for a pure Italian experience and finale to this ultra luxurious dining experience.

Tiella is located at 1109 1st Avenue, New York, NY 212.588.0100.