Haute Eats NYC: Highpoint Bistro & Bar

For an upscale bar with the friendly atmosphere of the midwest and the edge of Manhattan,  you simply must go to Highpoint Bistro & Bar. This hotspot serves delicious fusion foods that satisfy even the savviest palates. Right around the corner from the Chelsea Hotel (a personal fav), Highpoint appears from the outside as an unassuming bar, but upon further investigation you will notice the elements of refinement, such as weighted silverware.

However, more than the modern elements and clean feel that is often lacking in your neighborhood bar, the real treat is the cuisine. The kitchen is led by Chef Phil Deffina, who hails from the school of David Burke and La Folie. His work stimulates not only the gastronomical senses but his presentation peeks the intellect as well. From flatbread served in a mini shopping cart to creme brulee in eggs, you will be delighted at every course.

Haute Highlights

  • Tuna Tartare Tacos – Perhaps the cutest tacos I’ve ever seen in my life these petite bites are great for sharing.
  • A Sunny Day in Chelsea – There are California sunbeams transplanted to the streets of Chelsea in this cocktail. Delish and refreshing.
  • Carmel Experiement – For a decadent treat of sheer opulence this reminds me of a fondue but so much more fun. Pic above says it all.

Chopping Block

  • Timing of drinks and food. When the wine which was ordered to compliment the entree comes after the meal is over it may be an inclination that timing could be improved.

Haute Luxury Value

  • Wines. Priced in categories of $25/$35/$45 is my kind of wine list. Salut!

Highpoint is located at 216 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 646.410.0120