Go with the Flow: The Top 5 Fish Restaurants in San Diego

When you’re in San Diego, it’s pretty common that seafood be your main dietary plan, I mean, if we can’t do it, who can? Here are the Top 5 places to find great fish in SD!

Blue Point Coastal Cuisine

The name itself let’s you know this cuisine is coastal, and the seafood here is to die for. With amazing selections of oysters, crab, salmon, and everything else you can crave when needing a fish fix. All set in a retro-throwback, Sinatra feeling club room restaurant in the Gaslamp, Blue Point is on our list.

Sally’s Seafood on the Water

Repeatedly honored as some of San Diego’s best seafood by various awards and publications, Sally’s is definitely a place to know as a seafood lover. Located literally on the water, you could probably see your waiter catching some of your dinner before cooking it for your plate. With everything from sushi to salmon, everyone in town agrees that Sally’s is phenomenal seafood.

The Oceanaire

Have you ever eaten dinner on a 1930’s ocean liner? Well, that is the backdrop for the Oceanaire and with that comes an expectation that seafood is on the menu and they don’t disappoint! The oysters are amazing at the Oceanaire, and it’s been voted one of the best seafood restaurants in the country. With a really warm, and inviting staff and a fun setting, The Oceanaire gives great sea fare.

George’s at the Coves

George’s is so beautiful it’s ridiculous. In the middle of La Jolla set right up against the water that you gaze at through the glass walls, George’s is kind of the best at everything, including seafood. Their indoor dining room, California Modern, presents fantastic options for seafood dining. Scallops cooked to perfection, oyster shooters your mouth goes crazy for, and thick, juicy Halibut.  Definitely on our list.

Anthony’s Fish Grotto

Voted San Diego’s Best Seafood 13 years in a row really helps in putting you on our list. Anthony’s is widely known to have the most fresh and varied selections, along with great taste and presentation. This operation has been going for sixty years in SD and they really know their seafood. While it’s not the fanciest restaurant on the list, it’s definitely one of the best. The clam chowder here is famous, as are the crab legs and various fish entrees. They don’t carry the reputation for so long for nothing!